Aspen Fire Members

Staff Members

CEO/Fire Chief

Rick Balentine

Deputy Chief of Operations

Jake Andersen

Fire Marshal

Jan Legersky

Deputy Fire Marshal

Ben Smith

District Administrator / Human Resources

Nikki Lapin

Accounting & Payroll

Jan Schubert

Dir. of Community Wildfire Resilience

Ali Hager

Training Captain

Scott Arthur

Operations - Duty Crew


Jake Spaulding, Battalion Chief

William Shoesmith. Lieutenant

Shawn Jones, Firefighter/Engineer

Fabrizio Brovelli, Firefighter/EMS

Drew Barr, Firefighter/Prevention


Ken Josselyn, Battalion Chief

Jacob Arywitz, Lieutenant

Mike Holmes, Firefighter

Anthony Lewin, Firefighter

Jack Orsi, Firefighter



Arnold Nimmo, Battalion Chief

Max Lyall, Lieutenant

Charles Curtis, Firefighter

Will Hardenbergh, Firefighter

Elijah Olmert, Firefighter

Operations - Volunteer Officers

Ryan Warren, Volunteer Representative

Nic Milton, Volunteer Representative

Craig Melville, Captain/Volunteer Representative

Jason Lasser, Captain

Mike Haisfield, Captain

Operations - Volunteer Firefighters

  • Eugenia Acevedo
  • Zack Andrews
  • Thom Barr
  • Michael Brands
  • Cristina Buitron
  • Josh Burnaman
  • Adam Cohen
  • Alex Costa
  • Patrick Dial
  • Jeff Edelson
  • Larry Feinman
  • Hutch Foster
  • Mike Haman
  • Grant Jahnke
  • Braulio Jerez
  • Terrence Leitch
  • Chris Lougeay
  • Jeff McMahan
  • Sander Olson
  • Andrew Reid
  • David Richardson
  • Sam Rose
  • Sandy Schiff
  • Jan Schubert
  • Erin Smiddy
  • Kevin Smiddy
  • Chris Sulek
  • RJ Todd
  • Mike Tracey
  • Marc (Zac) Zachary
  • Ritchie Zah

Chaplain Roy Holloway

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