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Evacuation Preparedness

The best time to prepare yourself for an evacuation is before it's an emergency.

This page is intended to help you prepare in case you need to evacuate your home due to a wildfire. The more prepared you are, the more effectively the Aspen Fire Department can protect people and property if a wildland fire threatens the area.


Wildfires are natural disasters. They can be uncontrollable, unpredictable, and evolve rapidly. As your fire protection district, we will make every effort to detect and attack a wildfire quickly and notify you as soon as possible. However, as a resident or visitor to Aspen, it's imperative that YOU recognize your safety and survival is in your own hands. Under specific conditions, wildland firefighting can be effective, but there are many scenarios for a fast-moving wildfire that will be beyond our capacity to control. Please take the time to read the sections below, so you can better understand how you and your family can survive a wildfire.

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For more information or if you have any questions, call or stop by our main office at the Aspen Fire Station at 420 E Hopkins.

What can evacuation look like?

Be prepared and leave early!

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Are YOU Wildfire Ready?

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Local residents in high-risk areas can get brush hauled away for free!

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