Neighbors,  Neighborhoods, & HOA's

"The most important person in protecting a house from wildfire is NOT a firefighter, but the property owner."

Wildfire risk is an all-lands problem affecting multiple landownerships. The best strategy to collectively reduce risk is to work together. Individuals, neighborhoods, and HOA's should collaborate to identify vulnerable structures, reduce on-the-ground fuels, and protect evacuation routes. If you and your neighborhood need help figuring out where to start, request a risk assessment using the link below, or contact Ali Hager, Director of Community Wildfire Resilience at ali.hager@aspenfire.com.

Assess Your Risk

In an effort to reduce the wildfire hazards in our community Aspen Fire Protection District has begun offering wildfire mitigation assessments for private residences, neighborhoods, and sub-divisions.

Reduce Your Risk

With a thorough assessment and proper mitigation efforts your home’s chances of wildfire survival increase dramatically. Click to learn about Defensible Space, Home Ignition Zones, and Home Hardening.

Emergency Preparedness

The best time to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency is before you are called to act.

Check out the links below for valuable resources and information regarding wildfire evacuation preparedness and education.

Wildfire Community Action Fund

Learn how you can participate in and support proactive on-the-ground work for wildfire mitigation, fuels reduction, improved forest health, watershed protection, and habitat restoration on a landscape scale.