Please fill out the application below in its entirety. Only complete applications will be accepted. Please contact with any questions or application problems.

Welcome to the application submission. Before you start, have ready:

1. Your personal information
2. Your education
3. Your experience
4. Your certifications with expiration dates (actual copies will be uploaded through the application)
5. Your availability
6. Your resume

We know this is a tremendous amount of information to organize and prepare. This positions requires someone who is prepared and organized. The job also requires motivation and time management. This application and your resume are reviewed, scored, and ranked to determine if you meet the minimum requirements of the job. Applications are reviewed for attention to detail, whether that be grammar, content, layout, following instructions, or other detail. Meeting minimum qualifications may not be enough to advance. You may rely on resources, such as a proofreader or Microsoft Word to spell check or to copy and paste into the application.

Technology tidbits: iPads are not helpful for uploading documents to the application as the documents do not open on our end. Use another device. If you have difficulty in a browser, switch to a different one such as FireFox, Google Chrome or a Microsoft type. Be sure to correctly save uploads. Documents to be uploaded need to be under 10mb and in jpg,jpeg,png,doc,docx or pdf format. We prefer PDF format for all documents. Please ensure that all document titles have the following format:

2020_LastName_FirstName_JobApp_Name of Document (such as resume, cover letter).
For example: 2020_Smith_Fred_JobApp_Resume.pdf or 2020_Smith_Fred_JobApp_Firefighter1Certification.pdf

Applicants with military service and other preferred experiences, skills and certifications could be awarded preference points

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Contact us for more details.