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Volunteer Information

The Aspen Fire Protection District provides our wide array of services with a combination of  volunteer and career staff. Our volunteers are a critical component of our continued success in serving the varied needs of our dynamic, growing and gorgeous mountain community. Without the volunteers continuing dedication to professional emergency response, Aspen Fire would not be able to provide the numerous fire/rescue services we currently offer.

The Volunteer firefighters and officers currently number approximately 40. This number ensures our ability to consistently deliver the number of firefighters and apparatus required for a baseline level of response. We are constantly seeking motivated, nice, and community focused members to join our ranks. Typically once a year we pull applications from our pool and select candidates to participate in our next class of probationary firefighters. Our new recruits take place in a firefighter academy that results in achievement of all basic certifications to serve in the role as Firefighter and introduces recruits to our culture, our history and to our current members. Applications are always available for the next class.

As part Aspen Fire you will join an elite team of service oriented and community tied people who Strive to Save daily. Membership in our organization gives you the satisfaction of meeting new challenges, stretching your limits, working with fellow members on difficult calls, and being their for our fellow members when they need help most. If you are one of the fewer than 30% of initial applicants that successfully completes rookie training and becomes a member we guarantee that you will find the endeavor worthwhile.


Requirements & Commitment

  • Must be at least 21
  • Must be a Legal US Resident
  • Driver’s License Needed
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Clean driving history
  • Clean criminal history
  • Pass the Physical Agility Test


  • Honor of serving your community in emergency situations.
  • Opportunity to meet and work with other highly trained, motivated and enthusiastic individuals.
  • Opportunity to interact with numerous local, state and national fire and rescue organizations.
  • Opportunity to take many different training classes at no charge to you.
  • Fire and Rescue related training
  • Emergency medical training.
  • Use of exercise equipment.
  • Participation in numerous department and community functions held each year.
  • Worker’s compensation coverage while training and performing firefighting duties.
  • Disability and life insurance coverage if injuries or death occur while training or performing firefighting duties.
  • Retirement benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Fitness/Wellness Benefit
Aspen Firefighters training

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

The first step is to fill out the online application.

For more information about volunteering with the Aspen Fire Protection District, please call 970-925-5532.